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Eddy current high speed machine (with 7 inch LCD monitor)
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Product Description

CNC type digital display computer box is special and supporting frame which is fabricated according derrick material hoist automatic sliding layer and design. The performance of this product is advanced, security protection function to be complete, with a header, the up and down limit protection, security protection, discharging mouth floor door protection, match cable interphone, monitoring television system, etc. Fully comply with the country "and frame which is fabricated according derrick material hoist safety technical specifications" (JGJ88-2010) and the construction safety inspection standards (JGJ59-99) acceptance requirements. This machine operation convenience simple, reliable control circuit, convenient maintenance, suitable for any site operation personnel. Effectively improve the mast material hoist or frame which is fabricated according the safety in construction.

The products are mainly function

1, interlayer door interlock protect: when any layer between layers of the door before starting on good or not hang cage operation process was opened suddenly, this opportunity to be automatic stop running, and the corresponding hints.

2, hanging cage security protection: the crane safety door cage before starting the good were not concerned, this machine can't run and have corresponding hints.

3, sequence protection: when the power supply sequence is not correct or phase lack, this chance to auto power off and have corresponding hints.

4, the swan, strong protection: reliable mechanical control and prevent the swan at device to blunt the header and accident won't happen.

5, motor short circuit or overload protection: the motor short circuit or super its rated use current, voltage when the opportunity to be automatic cut off power supply.

6, data protection: at any time to turn off the power supply, machines of any data storage is not lost.

7, sensor failure protection: the sensor fault and no signal because, the computer will detect and stop in time, so as to avoid faults.

8, buzzers prompt functions: run before this chance to output signal bells, remind workers left hanging basket, protecting the safety of workers.

CNC-GⅡ type hoist electric control box is designed for senior materials supporting the use of it controls speed of high-speed winches, can enhance the materials in high speed running smooth deceleration in the automated docking, is the preferred product high-rise building construction.